here am I, send me.


Hey there! Welcome to this little blog of mine. After much encouragement from my composition professor, I’ve decided to start a blog to accumulate all of my thoughts. One of the recent criticisms I’ve received from my comp. professor is that I have too many words and thoughts and need to get better at collecting my thoughts. She suggested starting a blog, where I could practice writing and organizing my words. So here it is.

I am currently a Communications Major and Worship + Design Minor at Cedarville University in Southwestern Ohio. CU is located quite literally in the middle of a cornfield. However, our little campus is absolute beautiful. This is my second year as a student here, but my first year in the communications major. I was a worship major my freshman year, but I switched to communications my second semester of last year.

The reason for my change of major will be the focus of this post I suppose. A lot of people tend to give me their opinions on my major change, and though I know they mean well, most of the time they don’t quite get it. Someone recently told me that my major change was smart because I would most definitely be able to get a better paying job with a communications major versus a worship major. But that is not my reason for changing at all. In fact, I shocked them when I told them that my reason for changing is that I hope to pursue a career in the non profit organization world. Their response was, “I guess you aren’t going to make a lot of money after all, huh?” I know they meant well. but it frustrated me a bit.

Success, for me, will never have anything to do with fame or fortune or prestige. So often, people equate being successful with having a lot of money, having a high ranking job, becoming famous or noteworthy… things of that sort. For me, I believe that I will feel successful when I am confident that I am doing what God wants me to do. I will feel successful when I am growing in my passions and ambitions, and chasing after God’s will for my life.

I have a passion for people.

Over the summer, I was blessed with the opportunity of working with my church’s student ministry. I got to minister to and mentor a group of crazy, enthusiastic, wonderful middle school girls once every week. This made me realize how important one’s role in other’s lives can be. I began to see how important my place in my middle school girls’ lives was. I started to see how encouraging words and intentional relationships began to shape and change lives. Working in ministry this summer further confirmed my decision to switch majors and aim for a career in the non profit/ministry field. I want to continue being able to impact people through positive relationships and encouraging conversations. I want to continue showing people that even when their life seems dark, there is still hope. I want to love passionately and unconditionally, especially to those who feel unloved and hopeless. I want my life to make an impact on everyone I meet. And I don’t think that is a lofty goal. I truly believe that God use me to show His love and His grace wherever He sends me.

There are so many people in this world that need to know that they are loved and that there is hope and grace in Christ. I hope to touch lives in any way I can, and I pray that God gives me opportunities to do so. Whether that be while I’m here at school, or in my future career, or wherever He may guide me.

Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?” And I said, “Here am I. Send me!” // Isaiah 6:8


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