wish you were here.


The skies are blue again. The air is filled with the scent of freshly cut grass and autumnal freshness. My spirits are lifted and I feel revived by the sunshine. The promise of fall break is on the horizon, and everyone seems grateful for the sunshine and the warm weather’s return.

I wish you were here.

I wish you were here to see the beauty of every single moment. I wish you were here to admire the flowers as I walk to class, and greet friends and strangers with a smile and a cheerful wave. I wish you could feel the sun on your skin and the breeze on your face.

I don’t know where you are today. Maybe you are experiencing a beautiful, sunny day like I am. Maybe your blue sky has a few gray clouds. Maybe you’ve been in a season of rain, where it seems as though your life is plagued with storm after storm. Maybe you are waiting for the sun to break through.

I wish you were here.

I wish that I could take you by the hand and let you see life through my eyes. I wish that I could point out all of the different colors in the sunset, or point out the innumerable stars above our heads. I wish that I could buy you a cup of coffee and listen to you talk about your day, or maybe offer you a tissue as you let everything out that you’ve been holding in. I wish that we could talk about books and favorite films and the places we’ve been and the places we’ll go.

My friend, life might feel unfair and uncertain at times. You might feel too much, you might feel nothing at all. The thing is… I don’t know where your life is at exactly this moment. I do not know what you are struggling with, what your triumphs are, what your hopes for tomorrow are, or even where you wish to go.

I don’t know if you’re doing well or not. I wish I did, for maybe then I would find the exact words you need to hear and send them your way. But the only words I can find are I wish you were here.

I wish you were here to see that life really is beautiful, even when it doesn’t feel like it. I wish that we could laugh together or cry together or dream together about where we wish to see our lives go.

But all I can offer you are the words that come from this heart of mine. All I can offer are sentences I’ve pieced together to show you my world. My friend, I hope you find comfort and peace and joy and affirmation and love in your life. I hope that you look up at the sky, whether it’s blue or whether it’s gray, and find a reason to be grateful. I hope that you find a reason to say, “I wish you were here, because here is pretty wonderful.”


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