Purpose for the pain

Scrolling through my Instagram/Twitter/Facebook/etc I see one recurring them amidst all the stories and statuses and posts I read. And that one thing is pain.

I find my heart breaking reading the heavy words of friends, and sometimes I’m brought to tears when I read about the burdens that some are chosen to bear. Daughters who have lost their father, sons who’ve never know their father, husbands who are losing their wife to cancer, wives being left to raise their children on the own, married couples struggling to make ends meet, children who are facing so many injustices… I could go on with all of the heartbreaking things going on around me.

There is so much pain that I wish I could take away, so many burdens I wish I could bear for those I love. This world is not fair, life is unfair. The most incredible people are challenged to go through terrible trials, and the worst people get through life untouched by the troubles. 
My heart grieves for those struggling. I want to wrap the young girls I’ve met who struggle with their self image up in my arms and tell them they’re worth it. I want to hold the daughters who’ve lost their father and tell them they are loved and not alone. I want to be there for the wife who was left, I want to encourage the husband who is standing by his dying wife’s side. I want to keep all the unprotected children safe from all the evils of the world. I want to love those who are seemingly unlovable. 
But I can’t. I can’t do that for everyone. And that breaks my heart more than anything, and angers me all at once. I know I’m not the only who feels this way, but at the same time I feel as though I’m the only one who feels the pain and the brokenness. 
Oh, how I pray that God uses this life of mine to bring hope. This world needs it. My community needs it. I pray that he sends the unloved my way as well as the forgotten and hopeless. No, actually I pray that He sends me to them. I pray that He guides me to those who need to hear the words of love and of hope. I pray that He puts me exactly where He needs me. I pray that I will live in such a way that radiates love and hope and peace. I pray that the broken people I see around me will sonehow, someway be made whole again. 
Oh, how I year for the day where He will wipe every tear and take away all of the pain.


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