Be the cure

There is so much pain and heartache in this world. I scroll through my Facebook feed and see heartbreaking story after story. From accounts of the terrible tragedy in Paris this weekend, to close friend’s updates on their battles with cancer, to news clips of missing and exploited children… The hurt and the pain never seems to stop.

And when you feel things so deeply, so strongly, the weight almost feels unbearable. It makes things seem hopeless. It makes the world seem a lot darker and a lot uglier. I understand how heavy the world can feel.

We can feel the weight of the world. I think it’s almost a gift to be able to feel so much. But we mustn’t dwell there. We mustn’t dwell on the pain and the weight of the world. We mustn’t forget that there is still beauty in this world. We mustn’t forget that there is light and more importantly, that we can be light.

I’m sitting with my closest friends and listening to one of my most favorite albums whilst enjoying a close to perfect raspberry mocha. I just finished an insane amount of homework and paper writing and project working. This is the first moment of quiet I’ve had all day, and I’m savoring every second of it. This is how life usually is – unbelievably uneventful. And I think that’s beautiful.

I think we often forget the beauty and the wonder that surrounds us. I think we look past the good and the beauty in the simplicity of life. 

I think we also forget that we can be the cure for pain. We can be the treatment for tragedy. 

We can feel the weight of the world, but we don’t have to live in the heaviness. We have the ability to be light and to spread our light. We have the ability to combat the evil with unexplainable love and joy. We have the ability to take the broken hearted in our arms and to watch over the orphaned and to give shelter to the displaced and homeless. We have the ability to answer the darkness with light, with stars, beacons of hope. Reminders that even in the dark, even in the hopelessness there is still good, there is still hope.

And sometimes that is hard to believe. I know. We can name so many tragedies and injustices. We can list off all of the terrible things that have been happening in this world. Because we know that the evil has always existed, the hurt has always been there. But we can’t dwell there.

What people need is hope. What they need is action. What they need is support. What they need is love. Words. Aid. A reminder that they are not alone in this. And we can’t be caught up in the pain if we want to help. We can’t be resting in our hurt and sadness for the world. 

To make a difference, we must believe that there is still beauty, there is still light. We must believe that there is something that is worth fighting for. We must believe that there is a hope that shines through the hurt, that there is a purpose that outweighs the pain. 

I am a very little person, and this world is a very big place. There is so much that I want to fix, so many orphans and widows and refugees that I want to take in my arms and hold. So many places I want to go to spread the message of hope. So many lives I want to touch. But I will never reach them all. So will you join me in my belief? Will you take hold of the light and beauty in your life and never let the bad shadow it?

Yes, this world is sick with so much evil and violence and pain and hurt and tragedy and death. But it is not incurable. This sickness can be combatted. I can be the cure. You can be the cure. We can be the cure.


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