Valentine’s Day, I don’t hate you!

Valentine’s Day, I don’t hate you! In fact, my heart is warmed by all the couples I see, so very much in love. I smile when I see a young man bash fully handing his girl a bouquet of flowers, and I love hearing all the “I love you”s floating in the air.
But I know some people hate you, some people claim you cheapen love and are too commercial. Some argue that we should act like every day is Valentine’s Day to the ones we love. You make some people very sad, very lonely. But I know that’s not your intent. So if it’s alright with you, I’d like to say something to those who dread the hearts shaped cookies, the abundance of pinks and purples and reds, who are sickened by the smell of flowers, and who feel queasy by all the cheesy valentines sayings. So if you find yourself hating Valentine’s Day, these words are for you:
You are all together lovely, and so very loved. Even if you didn’t receive flowers, even if you’re eating dinner alone with Netflix, even if your heart is broken, you are loved and worthy of being loved. Even though the presence of all these sickeningly cute couples seems a bit suffocating, take a deep breath and remember that you are loved. If I could, I’d like to give you the cliche flowers and chocolates. But I guess the best thing I can do is tell you you’re loved.

You’re valued. You’re worthy of being loved. You’re capable of overcoming any scars of the past. You’re strong enough to search past the voices that tell you you’re not worth it, the voices that tell you you’re damaged goods, the voices that make you wonder if you’ll ever find the one whom your heart adores. You are brave enough to move on, to leave the ones who don’t treat you as the beautiful soul you are. You are gracious enough to let go of the ones who hurt you.

You are not defined by your relationship status on this day. You are not defined by the ring you may or may not have on your finger. You are not defined by the ones who might have left and taken parts of you with them. You are not defined by the mistakes you’ve made. You are not defined by whether or not you’ve given yourself away. You are not defined by those who have done you wrong. You are not defined by those who have betrayed your heart, who have left you with no reason.

You are not defined by anything except love. And not the February 14th love, not the sappy chick flick love. No, you are defined by the love that surpasses all understanding. The love that lays down ones life for another. The love that bears no wrongs. The love that is limitless and flawless and inexplainable. The love of the Father, that we could never deserve in any lifetime.

You are treasured beyond understanding. You are cherished by so many. You are valued by the One who spun the earth into motion, the One who whispered galaxies into existence and placed every single star carefully. The one who created you in the beautiful, unique, wonderful way that you are.

You are lovely. You are loved.


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