this, i believe.

There will be bad days.

Life is sometimes far from kind. Sometimes it makes you feel too much, sometimes it makes you feel nothing at all.

And sometimes things will be difficult.

There will be love lost, life lost, heart break, hurt, and times of pain. There will be unexpected diagnoses, there will be phone calls that will bring you to your knees. There will be times you can’t get out of bed because the weight of it all seems too heavy.

Tragedy will strike, dreams will be shattered.

There will be instances that will make you want to give up. There will be disappointment, there will be discouragement. There will be times where your hard work will fade into failure.

There will be bad days.
bad months,
bad seasons,
bad years.

But I believe there will also be good days.

Good days that can turn to
good months,
good seasons,
good years
great times.

There will be days you feel as though you can conquer the world. There will be times of victory and times to celebrate. There will be times your hard work will pay off, and you will get to the mountain’s peak.

Goals will be achieved, victory will come.

There will be love found, life will enter the world, hearts will find healing, and the pain will one day show its purpose. Beauty can still be found, even in the most ugly circumstances. There will be phone calls that will make your heart soar, job offers and successful interviews and good news on the other line. There will be times to celebrate the small things – even the small victory of getting out of bed on a difficult day.

Life is sometimes far from kind, but it is also far beyond our expectations. Sometimes it makes you overflow with joy and contentment. Sometimes it is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen.

I know that life can be cruel and somedays it is easy to feel as though the world is your greatest enemy. I know that bad things happen and it isn’t always fair. I know that pain is prevalent. I know that there are things that we have to go through that no one should ever have to go through. I know all of that, for I have experienced it too.

But I hold on to what I believe… the fact that the beautiful, good parts of life outshine the messy, dark ones. I have faith that the weight of the bad days will be overcome by the joy of the good ones. I have hope in a better tomorrow. I believe that the pain will pass eventually. I believe that the trials will one day turn to triumph that will turn to truths and testimonies that can encourage others. I believe that broken hearts can become whole again. I believe that love – the real kind, the kind that chases away our fears and doubts and insecurities – i believe that it is worth it.

I believe that life is worth pushing through the heartbreak,
the pain,
the loss,
the trials,
the confusion,
the hurt,
the loneliness

in order to find the joy,
the purpose,
the love,
the victories,
the peace,
the healing,
the comfort of community.

The beautiful parts of life will outshine the dark, messy parts. The bad days will fade away when compared to the good ones. Even the ugliest of seasons will pass. The storm will let up, and the sun will shine through the clouds. This, I believe.


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