a resolution.

resolution: (n) a firm decision to do or not do something.

Junior year. My third year of a 4 year program. I’m officially past the halfway point, and my time here is rushing by.

It’s hard to believe that I only have less than two years left. So much has changed since freshman year… friendships, my major, my hairstyle, my passions, my ambitions, my music taste, and so much more I could list. I scarcely recognize the girl that walked onto campus the very first day of her freshman year. I’m not her anymore, and I am okay with that.

So much has happened since then too. Just in the last year I have experienced more times of intense pain, heartbreak, overwhelming confusion, and days of darkness than I have in my entire lifetime. But I have also experienced unexplainable joy, unwavering hope, extraordinary strength, and unconditional love during that time too. I grieved the loss of my best friend. But I also fell in love. I got diagnosed with a life changing musculoskeletal disorder. But I learned so much about patience and determination. I lost sight and wandered at times. But I found lights in the friendships that guided me home. I sobbed until I could barely breathe. But I also laughed until my stomach hurt. I lived through the pain and I lived through the joy.

Part of me wonders how life could through any more hardship my way… but I’m not naive enough to think that it wont.

So I’ve decided to make a resolution for myself.

A resolution to fight diligently, to work harder, to love recklessly, to live fearlessly. A resolution to let this year shape me and change me, even though it might hurt and even though it might break my heart at times. A resolution to never let my voice be quieted, to never stop singing my anthem of hope. A resolution to keep telling my story.

Junior year, let’s see where you take me. Let’s see what comes my way. Let’s see how you will grow me.


One thought on “a resolution.

  1. Oh my Erin, I wish Greg were here to celebrate your birthday by taking you out for pizza at your favorite place!
    This past year has certainly been a crucible. You now have a perspective on this life and the one to come that I pray will be a blessing to you and to all you connect with.
    Happy Birthday. Love you, Erin.


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