there is a song stuck in my lungs.

Some days life can feel crippling, the weight of every single responsibility and all the worries of the day can feel overwhelming. I so often get discouraged by the mundane, I get so discontent so easily. It hasn’t been an easy semester, I’ve not been as focused as I wish and not as determined as I used to be.

But there is this song stuck in my lungs, the beat that drives me to press forward day to day. This song tells a story of healing, this song is crafted through the months and years of storms and trials and mistakes and brokenness. This song is the one I’ve been given, the one that has taken shape through the process of healing, through the time of recovery. This song has formed and changed, the melody is ever adapting to the beat of my heart over time. This song is my anthem, that only my experiences could write. This song is a battle cry of sorts, reminding me of the things I hold dear, the person I hope to become, the goals I am striving towards. This song is the one that has been crafted from both times of sorrow and joy, from life lost and love discovered, from the days of darkness and the days of light.

And this song will be heard, whether it be shouted from the mountain tops or whispered in the quiet. I will wear this song on my sleeve, a declaration that these moments and times that shape my life aren’t in vain. That this pain I’ve experienced is for a purpose, that even in the hurt there is a hope for healing. This song will remind others that they too have songs being written on their hearts, just waiting to be heard.

I believe that we all have songs still being written and songs that are caught in our throats, straining to be heard. I believe that we are given the responsibility to sing these songs loudly and confidently, drawing in others to hear their beautiful sounds. I believe that we are given songs that will break hearts and songs that will bring smiles. I believe that everyday is a chance for a new song to start, for a new beginning. I believe that every moment, every breath we breathe is knitting together a chorus more beautiful than we can imagine.

So, i beg you to remember this. I urge you to never forget that you are a songwriter and life is the song. I plead with you to never lose site of the fact that these troubles you are living through, these hard times are going to be part of your song. I know that it hurts right now and it seems impossible that any good could come from it. But one day it will sting a little less, one day you will find yourself strong enough to sing that song. And one day that song will inspire others to keep writing, to keep striving, to keep singing their own songs.

So what are the songs you’ve been given? What is your anthem?


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