#CreativeCrush – Madison!

Do you follow any designers/photographers/stylists on instagram whose work you just totally ADORE? I certainly do! As a creative, I’m always looking out for inspiration in other’s work, or for a new friend who has similar (or totally different) styles as me. Iron sharpens iron, so I think it is important for we as creatives to build a strong sense of positive and encouraging community around us. We ought to stop treating the world of art and design as a competition, and rather see it as a common ground. We all have our strengths and our weaknesses, and we should share in those together.

With all of that in mind, I’ve decided to start a series called Creative Crushes where I will be posting about a fellow creative and their work. Their specialities will range from design to photography to poetry to fashion design to interior design to just about anything else. My hope in this is to bring attention to some truly amazing creatives and give them a chance to share about themselves.

This week’s creative crush is Madison Booth, who is currently a fashion design student at Kent State University.


I’ve been following Madison’s instagram for a couple years now, and I absolutely love seeing her snapshots of the behind the scenes of fashion design. I especially love how she shows a sketch of a piece she’s drawn next to the finished product. It almost seems like magic, how she is able to turn what she dreams up on paper into a reality. She has designed costumes for theater productions, as well as designed runway pieces through her studies.

I asked Madison to share a few words about herself and her inspiration and love for design.

“From a young age, I was interested in creating things. My deconstruction of Barbie clothing eventually morphed into an interest in fashion. It wasn’t until college, however, that I really became interested in style. You become hyper-aware of your style and the way you carry yourself when you’re meeting a bunch of people for the first time, like during school. Ever since freshman year, I’ve worked hard to hone my style. I love to pay attention to detail, and I think it’s reflected in my work. I also love storytelling, especially through clothing. With that love, I’m pursuing a career in costume design, to give clothing even more purpose.” – Madison Booth

These are just a few glimpses of Madison’s incredible work, so be sure to follow her instagram to check out more and send her some love!


{ if you’d be interested in having your work featured as a Creative Crush, send me an email at erinmathews14@gmail.com }


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