#FitFriday – 5 Things I Did To Start A Fit Lifestyle

Being healthy and fit is a huge part of my life today. But it wasn’t always like that. The beginning of 2016, I set out to make my life more about healthy living. It wasn’t easy, with diet changes and making working out a part of my daily routine. But here I am, at the start of 2017 and at the healthiest that I have been in a long time.

So how did I do it? These five things are what I did to motivate myself towards a healthy, active, and fit lifestyle.

  1. Find A Fitness Enthusiast Friend

    The thing that kept me from heading to the gym at first was the intimidation. I wanted to get more into weightlifting and working with free weights, but simply walking into the gym felt scary to me. Not knowing anything about anything made me terrified.
    But one of my close friends showed me the ropes and helped me figure out what workouts work best for me and how to target specific muscle groups. She was patient with me, and was super encouraging. Her encouragement and support helped me get past the fear and anxiety that I had about going to the gym. And once I got to a point where I was comfortable and felt as though I knew I was doing, I started to go on my own.
  2. Join A Fit Community

    Since I started my fit journey, I joined the Fit University community. Fit University is a community targeted for college students who are interested in maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. Fit University’s website publishes all sorts of articles, from work out routines, to fit inspiration/motivation, to personal stories from the Fit University team, to healthy and yummy recipes. I’ve found a lot of support and encouragement through Fir University recently, and it helps push me towards keeping up with my fit and healthy lifestyle. Plus, it’s fun to have a community of people that you can celebrate PRs and goals being achieved with!
  3. Figure Out What You Love And Do It!
    I love weightlifting, so that’s what I look forward to the most when I work out. I like to challenge myself and see my body grow stronger. By learning more about weightlifting and how I could target different areas of my body through different exercises, I’ve developed routines and schedules that work best for me and that I can have fun with as well.

    I really love leg day. I was a dancer in high school and spent a lot of time in the studio, so I naturally have pretty muscular legs. I used to hate that my thighs were a bit bigger than most girls my height, but now that I’ve started lifting I am grateful for my legs and their strength.

  4. Figure Out What You Hate And Do it!

    I hate cardio. I’m not much of a runner, and while I know it’s good for me and necessary for my fit lifestyle… it doesn’t make it any easier. Running is hard for me physically, being someone who suffers rom fibromyalgia and chronic joint pain. But one of my specialists that I see for fibromyalgia told me that she once had a patient who started using running as treatment and now runs marathons. That to me seems like an impossible goal for me, but I know that if I worked hard enough for it, I could possibly do it.

    Running might not be my most favorite thing, but knowing that there are people who have a lot more challenges than I do and who can run marathons pushes me to do it anyway. And you know, the more that I do it, the less I hate it.

  5. Have Fun With It!

    Seriously, have fun with it! For me, going to the gym is the high light of the day. But for others, it might not be as fun. So make it fun, by going with friends or trying new things, such as a spin class, yoga, zumba, rock climbing, or kickboxing. And don’t take yourself too seriously. I’m TERRIBLE at zumba, but I still have fun whenever I go. I may feel ridiculous, but it’s an entertaining and different way to get my cardio in.

    Living a fit lifestyle isn’t all about setting and achieving big goals or getting super muscular. It’s more about taking care of your body and pursuing healthiness. Our bodies work best when we are active and healthy, and those who live active lifestyles are proven to be happier and more content. Fitness has many benefits, not just physical ones. And I promise that you’ll start to see positive outcomes when you start to pursue a fit and active lifestyle.

    I’m cheering for you, and I’m always here for support and to answer any questions about my fitness routines that you might have.

    With love,
    Erin ❀


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